Friday, May 4, 2007

Desktop Tower Defense Tip: Juggling

One technique that people use in Desktop Tower Defense is called "Juggling". What this involves is make two separate exits that the creeps can go through the maze. When the creeps get close to one exit, you block it, causing the creeps to head to the other exit. When the creeps get close to that exit, you unblock the first one, and block the second one. This allows you to keep the creeps going back and forth through the maze for as long as you want.


Zube said...

The problem with jugging is that the latest versions of TD give a time penalty for each subsequent sale. Eventually it takes so long to sell that the technique is useless.

Line Rider Blog said...

That's true Zube, Juggling is much more difficult now. I never really like the juggling to begin with, so I don't mid too much :)