Friday, May 4, 2007

Big Name Blogger Are Addicted to Desktop Tower Defense

If you had any doubt that Desktop Tower Defense was addictive, even big name bloggers are into it, Yahoo's Jeremy Zawodny and Michael Arrington are amongst fans of the game.

Desktop Tower Defense Video: Level 100 (not cleared)

Here is a video showing some playing the Desktop Tower Defense 100 Level Challenge. He actually makes it to level 100, but the creeps overwhelm him at that point and he doesn't manage to clear it. Notice that he uses the Jugging technique.

Desktop Tower Defense Tip: Juggling

One technique that people use in Desktop Tower Defense is called "Juggling". What this involves is make two separate exits that the creeps can go through the maze. When the creeps get close to one exit, you block it, causing the creeps to head to the other exit. When the creeps get close to that exit, you unblock the first one, and block the second one. This allows you to keep the creeps going back and forth through the maze for as long as you want.

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