Thursday, May 10, 2007

Desktop Tower Defense - Lv.100 (not clear)

This video shows someone reaching Level 100 in the 100 Level Challenge. He doesn't manage to kill all the creeps, but at least he did make it to level 100. Notice the Juggling going on.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Desktop Tower Defense Scoring Explained

Many beginners to Desktop Tower Defense are confused by the scoring. Here's how scoring works for the normal mode:

For every creep you kill you get a certain amount of points. The number of points you get will be displayed in red when the creep dies. If you kill all the creeps you get 4992 points.

There is a bonus of 25 points for each life that you have left at the end of round 50. So if you kill all the creeps, you get a 500 point bonus for this.

There is also a bonus for sending in the next level of creeps early. For every second left on the clock when you hit the "Send Next Level" button, you get 2 points.

So you can get up to 5492 points for just killing the creeps, the rest of the score needs to come from the time bonus. The top players are getting over 8000 points. Good luck!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Desktop Tower Defense Video: Hard Level

Here is a video showing a successful game in hard level. Notice the juggling at the end.

New Desktop Tower Defense Group

I just started a new Group in Desktop Tower Defense named "desktoptowerdefense.blogspot". Feel free to post your scores in the group!

So far I've played one game in the group and scored 6479 in normal mode. My name in the group is Miku. Can you beat my score?

Update: Just did another game at 6884. Get your scores in there!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Big Name Blogger Are Addicted to Desktop Tower Defense

If you had any doubt that Desktop Tower Defense was addictive, even big name bloggers are into it, Yahoo's Jeremy Zawodny and Michael Arrington are amongst fans of the game.

Desktop Tower Defense Video: Level 100 (not cleared)

Here is a video showing some playing the Desktop Tower Defense 100 Level Challenge. He actually makes it to level 100, but the creeps overwhelm him at that point and he doesn't manage to clear it. Notice that he uses the Jugging technique.

Desktop Tower Defense Tip: Juggling

One technique that people use in Desktop Tower Defense is called "Juggling". What this involves is make two separate exits that the creeps can go through the maze. When the creeps get close to one exit, you block it, causing the creeps to head to the other exit. When the creeps get close to that exit, you unblock the first one, and block the second one. This allows you to keep the creeps going back and forth through the maze for as long as you want.